Across the Universe

by Terry Oldfield

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The moon is rising to fill the night So pure bright In starry skies I sail above the world The dawn is breaking above the Earth Bright star, new birth In the morning light I shall sail above the world So many times I've passed this way before On eagle's wings and tiger's claw Now I drift again down towards the shore Chorus. A ship came sailing from far across the sky Far across the universe Galaxies drift by Wish upon a star Floating up so high
When 13:31
When will I be free like a wave out on the sea ? Like a cloud above the ocean Like a leaf in falling dances in the breeze When will I be open as the darkest night is to the stars Like the sky is to the ocean Like lovers fall into each others arms Chorus Dark glows the Western sky, geese are on the wing Hark as the shadows fly the birds awake and sing Light grow the Eastern skies moon is pale and blue Look how the shadows rise sun comes shining through When will I be joyful like a lark that sings his merry tune Like a sunrise on a mountain Like a wolf that sits there howling at the moon When will I awaken like a seed that trembles in the light Like a flower when dawn is breaking Like a star appears to twinkle in the night
Verse 1 In this moment the Earth is floating through the sky On a sea of darkness filled with stars In this moment I see all that happens to be In this moment the sun is in my eyes Verse 2 In this moment the moon is rising high And a moonlit path is on the sea In this moment I see all that happens to be In this moment the sun is in my eyes Chorus Bring me a boat to sail across the sea And strong winds to carry me away Across the shore for I can wait no more In this moment the sun is in my eyes Verse 3 In this moment a cloud goes drifting by and the rain is falling all around In this moment the world is just the way I am In the moment the sun is in my eyes


"Across the Universe is about the yearning to be free that becomes so much a part of human condition as we travel the pathways of liberation. Relaxing new age, soundtrack-oriented instrumentals dominate the mix but lovely vocals contribute to the expressive texture of the album. Includes plenty of female vocals that should entice Máire Brennan, Enya, and Shanon enthusiasts, it should be explored further. Worth a journey--it is a nice and relaxing listen!" -- Musical Discoveries

Across the Universe blends uplifting flutes with ethereal vocals, creating a timeless musical soundscape that beckons its listener to melt away from day to day life. The lyrics are odes to the night sky, and the vastness of our earth and the universe beyond.


released February 12, 2020


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Terry Oldfield and Soraya Palmwoods, Australia

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, Terry Oldfield and Soraya travel extensively sharing their music in concerts and workshops. Terry has a large back catalogue of music available and they also have a collection of albums that they have released together. ... more

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